The Zenith Prince

The only true child of the Emperor. He is over a century old, but thanks to his divine ancestry, he looks to be in the prime of his life. He didn’t want any part in the Emperor’s Godsfall plan and retired to his own dominion in the city of Sheunan. When Godsfall was put into action, he managed to reject the city from the Emperor’s souls, making Sheunan “the last free city”.

Nowadays he is passively resisting his father’s attempts to integrate the city into Him and actively resisting the flood of savage Undead.

The Zenith Prince is actually an Undead and the leader of the Shadesouls. His means of attaining the Curse willingly were… unorthodox at best. His still living subjects in Sheunan would object to his radical devotion to the Curse as a means of distancing themselves of the Emperor, so he has to work undercover.

When he is leading the Shadesouls under the guise of the Night Aspirant, he is wearing a magical mask, that makes you instantly debunk any theories or evidence about the wearer’s identity, as long as the mask is in your line of sight.

The Zenith Prince

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