The Great Forge of Brennai

Located at the bottom of the Great Rift, Brennai is the biggest Dwarfhome in the island. Aside from the Dwarves, the cityforge proper houses a considerable number of gnomes and other races of technological persuasion.

At the outskirts of the city there are the Underdark ghettos. Some areas are relatively peaceful and opulent, owing to the outcast Drow patrons who have made their home there, but other areas are primarily housed by goblinoids. For some reason, these ghettos are also littered with countless discarded Dwarven statues.

Uniquely to the Empire, the Emperor tolerates people other than him living there. But in exchange for this mercy, Brennai is subject to a very harsh “magic item tax”, and the selling of magical weapons and armor to civilians is banned.

Brennai is famous for its magitechnical marvels, the most impressive being its Golem Factory. Although, the factory was closed for a long time following the disastrous activation test of the Eternal Golem.

The Great Forge of Brennai

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