The 7 Noble Houses of the Lowlands

The noble rulers of the lowlands. Nowadays 5 of them are in Undead control, with the remaining 2 being Emperors. Zward Encer, the newly appointed Undead lord of one of these houses, has invited prestigious members of the remaining 4 Undead houses into his mansion.

Lady Rainti: a beautiful half-elf, who has ruled her house with elegance and grace for decades, despite the racism of the Empire.

Sir Tuwdai of House Griis: a young hothead elf, who is the youngest son of his house. Rumored to have quite a reputation with ladies, especially with Lady Ainti.

Lady Ainti: a newcomer to the noble scene, she inherited the house of Ainti after her father’s Curse progressed to the point of mindlessness.

Lord Soklai: an ancient Aasimar who ruled his house from even before the Godsfall. Is patriotic towards the Empire, but despises the current ruler.

The 7 Noble Houses of the Lowlands

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