Research Diary II

Night of Hunters 28, 586

“It is the first anniversary of the Godsfall. The Prince has declared a day of mourning in Sheunan. He came barging in here, and wanted to see some results. I did not have any. I do not have a single clue how to willfully infect someone with the Curse of Undeath. I have read through Karazum’s notes on his incursion into the Shadowfell, as well as the 4th Emperor’s writings on the nature of the soul, and they did not leave me with high hopes. Shadowfell is too chaotic to harness as an energy source directly (unless you happen to be an Abomination, but they so rarely have enough of a mind remaining to consider bettering science with their abilities!), and even if one could use its power, the soul is completely invulnerable to outside influence.”

Night of Egg 27, 586

“The one-month deadline that the Prince ordained is tomorrow. I will now start preparing a vessel for the artificial soul that is created already infected with the Curse of Undeath. if I cannot implant a soul with Undeath, maybe I can implant Undeath itself with a soul.”

Night of Egg 28, 586

“Good news and bad news. The artificial soul showed some measure of success, when created around a sample of the ooze from Shadowfell, although the soul couldn’t be affixed to the vessel. The Prince was furious. He informed me that he absolutely required his own soul to be intact, and that I should abandon the path of artificial souls. Thank the Gods that the blind Eladrin managed to quell the wrath of the Prince by informing him about the possible military benefits of artificial souls! I don’t know what should I do now. I’m half-tempted to start dabbling in causality magic and fate, but I’m not that desperate yet.”

Research Diary II

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