Research Diary I

Night of Giants 12, 584

“I was contacted by an unlikely source, the Zenith Prince himself. I wonder what His Highness wants out of a low-class alchemist such as myself? Perhaps he has heard of my theory concerning the limits of Undead regeneration? He has invited me to Sheunan and even offered his own guards as escorts. One can’t be too careful during this time of war…”

Night of Giants 20, 584

“I would have never expected the Prince to openly rebel against his father! But it doesn’t matter, he is willing to support my research in any way possible, in exchange for one, very modest proposal: to turn him into an Undead. According to modern knowledge, this is not possible, the Curse strikes at random patterns. But the rewards far outweigh the difficulty of the mission! An estate, with all the titles that follow, along with a mysterious divine artifact…”

Night of Light 4, 584

“My research is going nowhere. I have nearly exhausted all the methods an alchemist could muster. I need more esoteric solutions, and I think I know how to continue. A most intriguing event has happened. I, a researcher of Undead, have become afflicted with the Curse myself! Is the Curse truly random, or have the Gods decided to gift me with Undeath for some purpose? I intend to find out. I wonder if the Prince would be willing to fund a pilgrimage to the Twin Gods of Death?”

Research Diary I

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